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Rules and Regulations for Competition


All member corps of the Great Lakes Association of Shrine Motor Corps, in good standing according to the rules and conditions set forth in the by-laws of the Association. Each competing Corps member shall be prepared to show dues card upon request.

Competition Field

Competition field for drill competition with be 150 x 300 ft. The obstacle course is detailed in the material enclosed.


Entry into the Great Lakes competition will be on the enclosed official entry form. All entries should be submitted 20 days prior to competition. Entries will be accepted at the annual meeting, but any awards from competition may have to be mailed to them.

Order of Competition

The competition order shall be determined by the postmark date of the return of the official form. In the event of a tie, the order shall be determined by the actual order of receipt and secondly by random draw.


Inspection - Failure to report on inspection line at scheduled time will result in one (1) point deduction for each minute late to a maximum of ten (10) points and forfeiture of position.

Drill - One (1) point deduction for each thirty (30) seconds late per scheduled time to a maximum of (10) points. One (1) point deduction for every fifteen (15) seconds under five (5) minutes or over ten (10) minutes on the drill field, starting with the first man on the field and ending with the last man off the field.

Obstacle Course - One (1) second penalty for each cone that's touched or moved, but remains upright. Three (3) second penalty for each cone that's knocked over. If a rider goes out of the course he must enter back in the same place or be disqualified. A driver or rider will be disqualified if any part of his equipment touched any part of the stop box (10 x 30) boundaries!

Slow Ride - Rider must cross finish line without stopping, putting a foot down or going out of bounds to keep from being disqualified.

Article VII (By-laws)

Sec. 3 - Each director or captain will ensure all items on the entry form are correctly and completely filled out. Any errors affecting his unit in any way will be the responsibility of the Director or Captain. This also applies to the informatin on the scoring sheets in the packets obtained at the competition field check in station.

Sec. 4 - No two way radios will be allowed on the competition field or to be used to direct and corps from off the field in any fashion. Violation of this rule will result in immediate disqualification.

Sec. 5 - All Corps competing for an award in inspection, drill, slow ride, and/or obstacle course must enter a minimum of four (4) riders in inspection and drill categories, and two (2) in slow ride and obstacle course. If a Corps is competing in slow ride or obstacle course only, the Corps must still stand inpsection with a minimum of four (4) riders.

Sec. 6 - Helmuts must be worn in the drill, slow ride, and obstacle course competitions. Fez or helmut must be worn in inspection.


Judging based upon: personal grooming, uniformity of uniforms, clean and matched equipment, cleanliness, touch up of scratches and nicks. No jewelry is permitted, except for wedding or Masonic rings. The first Corps member inspected of each unit shall set the standard of uniformity that all the remaining members of that unit shall be judged against.


The number of drill of the competing reams shall be at the discretion of the compteting units, but must contain a minimum of the following four (4) basic maneuvers: columns of twos (2), column of four (4), figure eight, double circles - opposite directions.

In addition to the four basic compulsory maneuvers one (1) point will be awarded for every different maneuver performed to a maximum of fifteen (15) points. Judge "A" will act as a while on what counts as a different maneuver. The competing Corps may have a person with a written format explaining the maneuvers to the judge.

Competition drill starts with the first wheel out and ends with the last wheel off the field. Should any vehicle break down in the drill, it may be recovered and pushed off the field after the rest of the drill team is done with no penalty

Judging will also be based upon variety of drill, execution, and showmanship.

Obstacle Couse and Slow Ride

All obstacle course and slow riders must stand inspection with his Crops. All riders must meet the requirements of GLASMC by-laws and must be a member of the competing Corps. No rider may ride with any other Corps, only his own unit. The same vehicle cannot be ridden/driven by two (2) different individuals.

Following inspection, no equipment shall be removed, adjusted or added to the competing Corps cycle or multi-wheel and track unit. Slow ride and obstacle course riders may remove their jacket or add a jacket, gloves or any persion equipment to insure his personal safety.

Slow ride for 2 wheel vehicles may enter the box from either side of the middle line.

All members of the corps are permitted to compete in the obstacle course and slow ride. The sum of the two (2) fastest individual times will equal the total score in the obstacle course. The sum of the two (2) slowest individual times will equal the total score in the slow ride. In unclassified classes the score will bet he two (2) individual fastest or slowest times in vehicles of the same weight or on cycles of the same CC's.


No Corps member or spectator shall approach, interfere with, or question any of the inspectors, judges, or timers on the field at any time. Any questions pertaining to the competition shall be directed to, and answered only by the competition chairman. However a corp member may have a person with a card reading maneuvers to Judge A.