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Revised 22 March, 2014

Great Lakes Association of
Shrine Motor Corps By-Laws


   Section 1. This association shall be known as the Great Lakes Association of Shrine Motor Corps.
  Section 1-A Affiliated groups shall be referred to as Motor Units of the Association.
  Section 2 The purpose of this association is to promote the organization and betterment of Motor Units among the Shrine Centers of the Great Lakes Shrine Association, to create and devise motorized equipment that fit in with the style and display purpose of the Shrine, and to promote cordiality and good fellowship among its members.
  Section 3 This association, as a body, shall not use its influence in any way nor take sides in any manner whatsoever in the affairs of the Great Lakes association A.A.O.N.M.S. or the Imperial Council A.A.O.N.M.S., nor shall it enter into collusion with others having that intent.


   Section 1. Membership in this association shall be composed of active members, members at large, and honorary and life members as elected by the Executive Committee.
  Section 2. An active member shall be a Shriner who is a member of a Motorized Unit affiliated with the Association, or a rider or driver of a wheeled or motorized vehicle who is regularly a member of a uniformed unit of his Shrine Center.
  Section 3. A Member-at-Large shall be a Shriner, formerly an active member of a Motorized Unit of this Association, but whose Corps has disbanded, or who has moved his place of residence from the jurisdiction of the Unit of which he was a former member. In order to quality as a Member-AtLarge, such a Shriner shall pay dues of $10.00 per annum to the Great Lakes Association of Shrine Motor Corps.
  Section 4. Shriner Motor Units desiring to affiliate with this association shall submit an application on a form furnished by the Great Lakes Association of Shrine Motor Corps, listing its officers and members and signed and approved by the Potentate of their Shrine Center, together with the current year's dues and upon approval of the Executive Committee shall then become members of the Association.
  Section 5. Each member shall be covered with insurance equal to that required by the Imperial Shrine of North America or his Shrine Center, whichever is greater.


  Section 1. The Annual Meeting of the Association shall be held during the session of the Great Lakes Association A.A.O.N.M.S., at such time and place as may be determined by the Convention Committee of this Association. The Mid-Winter meeting shall be held no later than April 30 of each year at a place chosen by the President of this Association.
  Section 2. The Officers of the Association shall be a President, a First VicePresident (Organizer), a Second Vice President (Who shall assist the First Vice-President on Organizing), a Sergeant-At-Arms, all of whom shall be elected for a term of ONE YEAR (1) at the annual meeting of the Association, and shall serve until 12:01 A.M. THE LAST DAY OF THE CONVENTION. Only a simple majority is necessary for election of officers. An Executive Secretary-Treasurer will be APPOINTED BY THE PRESIDENT, and through reappointment, may serve successive terms. Only active members as described in Article II, Section 2 may hold office in the Association. Past Presidents will receive a past president's. PAID LIFE DUES CARD upon the completion of his term of office as President.
  Section 3. In the event an officer should relinquish his membership in his motorized unit he will lose the right to the office to which he was elected. His duties for the remainder of the year will carried out by the remaining officers.
  Section 4.

One (1) representative from each Shrine Center affiliated with this Association together with the elected officers and appointed officer of the Association, as enumerated in Section 2, hereof, and including past presidents of the Association, that are in good standing herein, shall constitute the Executive Committee. Representatives to the Executive Committee from the Shrine Center affiliated with this Association shall at the Annual or Mid-Winter meeting of the Association, or prior thereto, furnish satisfactory credentials of his election or appointment to the Executive Secretary-Treasurer of this Association.

If the regularly designated representative is unable to attend, an alternate may be selected from the Shrine Center and he shall qualify and function as representative. Each Shrine Center Line Officer and Past President shall have one (1) vote.

  Section 5. The Executive Committee shall meet Annually and at Mid-Winter, and shall transact all business of the Association. Active members and members-at-large shall have the right to attend all meetings of the Executive Committee and may participate therein, but shall have no vote and may not propose any motion, unless he be a representative of his Shrine Center, or a member of the Executive Committee.
  Section 6. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and carry out all orders and resolutions of the Association, he shall be an ex-officio member of all committees, he shall appoint all committees and fill any vacancies occurring therein. He shall communicate his plans regarding the Annual and Mid-Winter meetings as early as possible to the other officers. He shall notify the Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the same so proper notification can be sent to the members in the February News Letter. The President cannot cancel a Mid-Winter Meeting without the full approval of all the officers of the Association. He shall at least ONE DAY prior to the Annual Meeting appoint an auditing committee of not less than THREE (3) active members to audit the books and accounts of the Association and report their findings to the Association at the annual meeting. Upon completion of the audit, the Treasurer shall immediately turn over all funds of the Association to the incoming Treasurer at the time of the audit.
  Section 7. The First Vice-President in the absence of the President, will perform the duties of the President. The First Vice-President shall assist the President in the planning of the Annual meeting and shall be informed of all planned activities. As soon as he is elected he should choose a Competition Chairman so there will be no delay in the picking of a site for Competition in his year.
  Section 8. The Second Vice-President shall in the absence of the President and the First Vice-President perform such duties of the President. The Second Vice-President should be available to assist in the plans of the President First Vice-President. His primary direction should be the recruitment of new members. The names and addresses of the commanders, Directors and Presidents of the motorized units of nonmember Shrine Centers should be available to him from the Executive Secretary-Treasurer.
  Section 9.

The Sergeant-At-Arms shall properly tile all meetings of the Association. He shall provide a registration book wherein such person attending the meeting of the Association, shall register his name and Shrine Center and shall deliver the same to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Association at the conclusion of the Annual and Mid-Winter meeting.

The Sergeant-At-Arms should help as needed by the President, First Vice-President, and Second Vice-President. He should also oversee the competition, not to chair it or to be Competition Chairman, but to become aware of any problems that might arise. He should know everything about competition as soon as possible.

  Section 10 The Delegates shall encourage and assist in the organization of the Motor Corps in the Various Shrine Centers of the Shrine and shall promote the affiliation of such Motor Corps with the Association. The Executive Secretary-Treasurer will send each Delegate a letter in January requesting names of motorized units and individual contact information for each unit along with a Dues Form.
  Section 11. The Executive Secretary-Treasurer shall keep all the records of this Association and record its minutes, he shall receive all DUES and FUNDS of the Association, and deposit same in a reputable bank covered by Federal Deposit Insurance in the name of the Great Lakes Association of Shrine Motor Corps and pay out the funds of the Association on the order of the Executive Committee, he shall SENT OUT IN THE FEBRUARY NEWSLETTER, after the time of the annual meeting cause to be printed a summary of his annual report, together with a copy of the MINUTES OF THE ANNUAL MEETING and also a copy of the Treasurer's Report.
  Section 11-A The Secretary-Treasurer shall give good and sufficient BOND for the faithful performance of his duties, in such an amount as the Executive Committee shall require, and the cost of said BOND shall be kept in the custody of the President.
  Section 11-A-1 The Secretary-Treasurer will maintain a YEARLY LIST of all past Presidents. They will all receive each mailing by First Class Mail, the same as sent to other members. This is to continue FOR THE BALANCE OF THEIR LIVES.
  Section 11 -A-2 The Secretary-Treasurer shall respond to the request of all the Officers in a timely fashion, usually 10 to 14 days.



Section 1.

The annual dues shall be FIFTEEN DOLLARS ($15.00) per member of each Unit and each MemberAt-Large, and shall be paid into the treasury of this Association on or before March 1 S` of each year. The Association shall from the receipts pay the expenses of the Secretary's office, the rental of necessary headquarters and convention rooms during the Annual Meeting.
  Section 1-A The President will be allowed up to SEVEN HUNDRED FIFTY DOLLARS (750.00) during his term of office to cover incidental expenses connected with his duties and the promotion of the Great Lakes Association of Shrine Motor corps.
  Section 2. Should the dues of any affiliated Unit, or any Member-At-Large, not be paid 30 DAYS PRIOR TO THE DATE THE ANNUAL MEETING is called order, it and all its members or the offending Member-At-Large shall be denied all the rights and privileges of Great Lakes Association of Shrine Motor Corps and shall immediately suspended from membership at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
  Section 3. Membership cards in the Association signed by the President, countersigned by the Secretary-Treasurer, shall be issued to ACTIVE MEMBERS and MEMBERS-AT-LARGE upon payment of the annual dues. A life Membership Shrine Card will be issued to each PAST PRESIDENT of the Great Lakes Association of Shrine Motor Corps by the Secretary.


  Section 1. The President, along with the Executive Secretary-Treasurer, shall publish a paper, magazine, or periodical, which would be recognized as the Official Organ of the organization to be known as GLASMC Newsletter. Said editor will select his staff of reporters or assistants, preferable one from each member Unit, to assist in this work, the purpose of the entire group being to publicize the Association at every opportunity and also keep each member of the organization informed on current event and activities of the Association. The President will assure the GLASMC will be published during February and July of each year. The February newsletter will be mailed to all members of record according to the dues listing. The July newsletter will be mailed to all members paid up subsequent to March 1st.


  Section 1.

Unless otherwise ordered, the order of business at meetings will be as follows:

  Section 2. All business shall be conducted and governed by Roberts Rules of Orderwhere not specifically covered by the foregoing By-Laws.


  Section 1. These By-Laws may be amended at any Annual or Mid-Winter Meeting of the Association by a TWO-THIRDS (2/3) MAJORITY VOTE of those present and qualified to vote, provided said amendments are submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer in time for printing and distribution to all member Units at least 30 days preceding any Annual or MidWinter Meeting.


  Section 1.
  1. Mini & Sub Mini. Pull Start - Centrifugal Clutch or Torque Converter - No transmission or gear box - 1" to 14" wheels -'/~ to 5 horsepower. No modification.
  2. 0-360 cc's (Light Weight)
  3. 361-1200 cc's (Middleweight)
  4. 1201 cc's & over (Heavyweight)
  5. Unclassified. Any group of two (2) wheel vehicles combining any of the cc's included in numbers 2 through 4 above, or any combination of vehicle colors, equipment, brand of manufacturer, etc.
  6. Multi-wheel and track (0-500 lbs.) classified
  7. Multi-wheel and track (0-500 lbs.) unclassified
  8. Multi-wheel and track (500 lbs. and over) classified
  9. Multi-wheel and track (500 lbs. and over) unclassified
  10. Segway
  Section 2. Each Director or Captain will assure that all items on the entry form are filled out. Any errors affecting his Unit in ANY WAY will be the responsibility of the Director or Captain.
  Section 3. NO TWO-WAY RADIOS will be allowed on the competition field for any Unit competing on the field and being directed from off the field in any fashion.
  Section 4. The Competition chairman will be the only one allowed to discuss any event with the judges. Anyone having a problem with a judge or the manner in which they are treated by an official, will immediately discuss this with the Competition Chairman. If there is a problem, it will be your responsibility to contact the Competition Chairman to resolve the issue. ANYONE DISCUSSING AN EVENT WITH A JUDGE WILL HAVE THEIR UNIT DISQUALIFIED AT ONCE.
  Section 5.

Competition will include the following events:

  1. All classifications are eligible to compete in Inspection, Drill and Obstacle Course.
  2. Classifications I through 5 (Two Wheel Classifications) are also eligible to compete in the Slow Ride.
  3. All member units, including those that do not participate in the actual competition, are eligible to compete for the respective 2-Wheel or Multi-Wheel parade trophy.
  Section 6. All Corps competing for a trophy in INSPECTION, DRILL, OBSTACLE COURSE AND/OR SLOW RIDE, must enter a minimum of four (4) RIDERS IN INSPECTION AND DRILL categories, two (2) in the OBSTACLE COURSE, and one (1) in the SLOW RIDE.
  Section 7 HELMETS must be worn in DRILL and OBSTACLE COMPETITION. Optional Units choice for INSPECTION.
  Section 8

TROPHIES to be awarded as follows:

Inspection, Drill, and Obstacle Course: A 1st place trophy for each classification and for each event that has at least 1 entry. Additionally, a 2nd place trophy for each classification and for each event with 2 or more

Slow Ride: A 1st place trophy for each classification with at least 1 entry.


  • Teague: 2-Wheel Parade Trophy
  • Geisler: 3-Wheel, Multi-Wheel or Track, Parade Trophy High Point: 2-Wheel Drill and Inspection Combined
  • High Point: 3-Wheel, Multi-Wheel or Track Drill and Inspection combined.
  • 2-Wheel Individual Obstacle Course for Best Time.
  • Multi-Wheel Individual Obstacle Course for Best Time.